Client Solutions & Services

Course Readiness

Identify and address your capability through a process for platform, tools & infrastructure selection as well as program governance & models.

Program Level Planning

Support in implementing accreditation strategies, program delivery scheduling, market analysis research, and kick-starting marketing activities. 

Course Design & Development Planning 

We support your Subject Matter Experts and faculty to guide you in setting up your courses, designing programs/modules/materials/ assessments, acquiring external content, testing & quality assurance, and building and launching.

Project Management

Identify and address project needs and ensure the project remains on track and on budget. We function as an extension of your team and better equip you to understand your team’s priorities, values, and culture.

Program Migration

We help faculty and learning managers migrate online and hybrid courses from Blackboard, Coursera, D2L, Docebo, eCollege, Moodle, Saba, Sakai and Udemy Learning Management Systems to Canvas and Bridge.

Learning Strategy

Gain an in-depth understanding of your learners and their needs. How do they learn? Develop a learning design proposal that meets your business goals and your learner’s needs. Identify learning outcomes and collect content accordingly.

Learning Design

Create a Course Atlas to represent what your course will appear like in the LMS with completed text, graphics, and videos. You’ll collaborate with Subject Matter Experts and approve sign-off points to actively participate in the design process.

Production Delivery

Create static graphics with banners, icons, or infographics to give the course a consistent, professional look and feel. Onsite filming and exported videos include editing, template design, and motion graphic elements.

Course Delivery

Engaging digital learning experiences from beginning to end. Our team of Learning Technologists draw on their skills in web design, HTML, and CSS styling to create custom layouts for high impact and great-looking courses.

Technology Implementation 

Provide domain expertise to support faculty or learning managers in rolling out or building a new SaaS or open source platform.

Construct works in partnerships. At all levels, we not only build out your bench and grow your capacity but we also grow your capability.


You are investing in digital skills, professional development, and coaching as well as in a digital product.